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Current Version 2.0
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Program Description

A dynamic variation on the familiar Express Tools function, this program allows the user to dynamically amalgamate several separate MText & DText objects into a single MText object, with all formatting remaining in tact. The user is also provided with additional options to control how text strings are combined.

Text will take on the layer of the first text entity chosen (as per the behaviour of the Express Tools function), but will keep its colour if not set to ByLayer.

The user is provided with two modes of operation: Same Line & New Line, which may be switched by pressing the spacebar between selections. When operating in Same Line mode, new text is appended to the end of the last line in the resulting MText object, whereas the New Line mode forces selected text to begin on a new line.

Shift-Clicking on Text object will keep the original object in place, whilst still add its string to the resultant MText; and upon pressing u between selections, the last text selected will be removed from the resultant MText object.

Examples of Usage

Combining Three DText Objects into a Single MText Object

Combining DText & Mtext into a Single MText Object

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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