Selection Counter

Function Syntax selcounton / selcountoff
Current Version 1.4
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Program Description

This small and relatively simple utility will automatically display the number of objects in the active selection at the AutoCAD status bar, providing an alternative to the Quick Properties functionality available in newer versions of AutoCAD.

The selection reactor will be enabled on loading by default, but may be subsequently enabled or disabled manually using the SELCOUNTON and SELCOUNTOFF commands respectively.

When the Selection Counter is enabled, the MODEMACRO system variable will be automatically modified to display the number of objects selected on screen, before reverting to its original value when the objects are deselected.

Instructions for Running

This program will run automatically when loaded and may be subsequently switched on & off using the commands SELCOUNTON and SELCOUNTOFF respectively. Refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program for instructions on how to load this program.


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