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Function Syntax PtManager / PtM
Current Version 2.4
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Program Description

This is an extremely versatile program engineered to manipulate point data in many ways. The user may select an input type (the source of the point data) and output type (the result of reading the data from the input object).

The input/output types may be a txt/csv file, a selection of AutoCAD Points, a selection of 3D/LWPolylines, or a selection of blocks. Point (and possibly attribute) data may be read from any of these sources, and subsequently exported to any of the above objects.

The program caters for point data in various formats (xyz, yxz etc) with arbitrary data delimiters (commas, semi-colons etc), and furthermore, the point data may be sorted prior to export.

If the selected output type is an AutoCAD object, various options are supplied to allow control of object Layer and block scale & rotation; these can be altered upon pressing the 'Object Options' button.

If attribute data follows the point data within a txt/csv file, the user may choose to populate block attributes with such data - similarly, attribute data may be extracted to a file from an input type of attributed blocks.

Further guidance is provided upon pressing the 'Help' button.

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Main Dialog

Point Format Dialog

Object Options Dialog

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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