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Function Syntax MatchTextProps / MTP
Current Version 1.0
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Program Description

This program enables a user to match selective properties of Text, MText, Attribute and Attribute Definition objects.

Upon invoking the program with MTP at the AutoCAD command line, the user is prompted to select a 'source' object from which property values will be retrieved. The user is furthermore prompted to make a selection of 'destination' objects which are of the same object type as the source. Following selection, the property values held by the source object are inherited by the selected destination objects, as demonstrated by the graphic below.

Very similar to my Match Attributes program, the user has complete control over which properties are to be inherited by selected 'destination' objects. The list of properties located at the top of the program correspond to the ActiveX properties of Text, MText, Attribute or Attribute Definition VLA-Objects and may be edited to suit the user's requirements.

To query the available properties of VLA-Objects, refer to my Dump Object Utility.

Example of Usage

Match Text Props.gif

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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