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Function Syntax isopoly
Current Version 1.0
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Program Description

This program enables the user to construct a regular polygon projected in the active isometric plane.

Upon calling the program with the command syntax isopoly at the AutoCAD command-line, the user is first prompted to specify the number of sides for the polygon (with the last entered value available as a default option, and with an initial default of 6 sides if the program has not yet been used in the current drawing session). The user is then prompted to specify the center of the polygon and the radius of the circle (or rather ellipse when projected) circumscribing the polygon vertices.

Following valid responses to these prompts, the program will construct the specified polygon in either the active isometric plane (if the Snap type is set to Isometric Snap), or the WCS plane (if the Snap type is set to Rectangular Snap). With the Snap Type set to Rectangular Snap, the result will be identical to the standard polygon command.

If the Snap type is set to Isometric Snap, the resultant polygon will be the equivalent of constructing an Isocircle (an option of the Ellipse command, available when the Snap Type is set to Isometric), and then using the Divide command to generate points along the circumference of the ellipse which may then be joined to form the projected polygon.

Example of Usage


For those who don't know, the active isometric plane (or isoplane) may be toggled between left, right, and top using the F5 key when the Snap type is set to Isometric Snap (i.e. when the SNAPSTYL System Variable is set to 1).

As a bonus program, the following code will toggle the Snap type between rectangular and isometric:

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(defun c:ss ( )
    (setvar 'snapstyl (- 1 (getvar 'snapstyl)))

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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