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Program Description

The inspiration for this program stemmed from a question about how a user should determine the command with which a program should be called if no loading messages are displayed indicating such information.

As described in my tutorial on How to Run an AutoLISP Program, should no information be displayed in the code header or at the command line upon loading, the usual method to determine the command syntax would be to scan the source code for the function definition and note the name following the c: in the defun expression:

(defun c:MyFunction ( / ...

For the above example this would be 'MyFunction'.

To assist the user in this respect I have created this program to read a LISP file and provide a report detailing the syntax of all commands defined in the file.

An example of the output for my Change Block Insertion program would be:

 Command Syntax for ChangeBlockInsertionV1-1.lsp:

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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