Find File

Function Syntax (LM:findfile <fnm> <dir>)
Current Version 1.0
Symbol Type Description
fnm String File to search (inc. extension), e.g. "MyFile.txt"
dir String Root directory to search from
Type Description
String Full filename of file if found, else nil

Function Description

This function will recursively search all directories beneath (and including) a root directory for a specified file.

If found, the full filename will be returned; otherwise, this subfunction will return nil.

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;; Findfile  -  Lee Mac
;; Searches the supplied directory and all subdirectories of the supplied directory for the specified file.
;; fnm - [str] File to search, e.g. "MyFile.txt"
;; dir - [str] Root directory
;; Returns: [str] Full filename of file if found, else nil.

(defun LM:findfile ( fnm dir )
    (setq dir (vl-string-right-trim "\\" (vl-string-translate "/" "\\" dir)))
        (   (findfile (strcat dir "\\" fnm)))
        (   (vl-some '(lambda ( x ) (LM:findfile fnm (strcat dir "\\" x)))
                (vl-remove "." (vl-remove ".." (vl-directory-files dir nil -1)))

Example Function Call

_$ (LM:findfile "MyFile.txt" "C:\\MyFolder")



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