Align Text, MText or Attribute to Curve

With Automatic Re-Alignment

Function Syntax DTCurve / DTRemove
Current Version 2.9
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Program Description

This program will enable the user to dynamically align MText or DText to any Curve Object (Arc/Line/Polyline/Spline/Circle/Ellipse etc...), and the text will be automatically re-aligned to the object, should the object be modified. The user is prompted to either select existing text to align, or to specify a new text string to be created.

There are also additional options provided to help the user when aligning the text including:

Key Action
+ / - Controls Curve Offset
P / p Toggles Perpendicularity
B / b Toggles MText Background Mask
M / m Mirror Text
S / s Modify Text Style & Height

Examples of Usage

Removing Alignment Associativity

Text/Object Associativity can be removed using the additional function: DTRemove. When using this function, a logo will appear to indicate which objects/text are associative.

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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