Bounding Box Reactor

Function Syntax BBRN / BBRA / BBRR
Current Version 1.0
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Program Description

This program is predominantly a 'proof of concept', and still contains a few bugs with respect to performing undo commands when using the program. However, I am posting it as a beneficial learning tool for those programmers new to using reactors.

The program will allow a user to bound a set of objects with an LWPolyline, whose position will automatically update following any modification of the bounded objects.

There are three modes of operation:

  • BBRN (BoundingBox Reactor New) allows a user to create a new group of objects to be bounded. The user is prompted to make a selection of objects and these become the owners of an object reactor controlling the bounding LWPolyline.
  • BBRA (BoundingBox Reactor Add) will enable the user to add objects to an existing reactor group: the user is prompted to select a group to which the objects are to be added, then select those objects to add.
  • BBRR (BoundingBox Reactor Remove) will allow the user to delete a selection or all objects from a selected group, or delete all reactor groups in a drawing.

Example of Usage


Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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