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Program Description

This program is very similar to my ACADDOC.lsp Creator program, enabling the user to generate autoload expressions for all LISP files in a selected directory.

The autoload function provides a way to 'demand-load' LISP files, reducing the amount of memory consumed by loading several LISP files at startup - many of which may not be used in a drawing session. This method also reduces the time taken to start/open a drawing, as programs may be loaded as and when they are needed.

For more information on the use of the autoload to load LISP programs, see my AutoLoad tutorial.

Upon calling the program with Autoloader, the user is prompted to select a directory containing LISP files for which to generate autoload expressions. The user is then prompted to create an output Text file to which the autoload expressions will be written. When written to the Text file, the user may proceed to copy these expressions to an ACADDOC.lsp or a file of their choice.

Example of Autoload Expression

(autoload "C:\\MyFolder\\MyLISP.lsp" '("MyCommand1" "MyCommand2"))

The above expression will ensure that the MyLISP.lsp file will be loaded upon the user entering either MyCommand1 or MyCommand2 at the command line.

Instructions for Running

Please refer to How to Run an AutoLISP Program.


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